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 Free service: first 12 month of tracking service and mobile data included for free! Service renewal on the 2nd year only USD $5.00 per month!
 Worldwide covererage: real time tracking worldwide with no additional costs
 SOS Button
 GEO Fencing: set safe zone fencing perimeters and get notified if device crosses them
 Smart Alerts: get alerted on location changes or speed limits (if device placed in the car)
 Water resistant: product comes with silicon cover included in the box
 Magnet for any vehicle tracking: product comes replaceable back-cover with a magnet
 Long battery life: 144 hours (6 days) in standby mode!
 USB Charging option
 Managing multiple devices from one account
 Configurable sampling periods (starting from one minute)
 Unlimited location reports (sampling points)

Package includes:

1. The Trackimo Universal GPS tracker unit
2. A battery
3. A replaceable back-cover with a belt clip
4. A replaceable back-cover with a magnet
5. A silicon water-protecting cover
6. A lanyard
7. A USB charging cable
8. A miniature screwdriver and 2 mini-screws for optional locking of the back-cover

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